February Dream Team

Every year there is an early form team or players who seem to take the Super League competition by storm. Sometime however, they sometimes fall away towards the business end of the season – see Widnes last season, annoyingly, continuously referred as the “Leicester City of Super League” by Sky commentators, their season ended with mediocre Super 8’s.
With this in mind, Wigan Rugby Blog have picked a Dream Team, after 3 rounds (4 in some cases) to assess who the form players are at the moment. The main aim of this is for us to look back at the end of the year with our Dream Team and the official Dream Team, to see how many players fade away during a season and perhaps the reasons for this.
Our February Dream Team:
  1. Hardaker – Castleford
  2. Eden – Castleford
  3. Sau – Salford
  4. Gildart – Wigan
  5. Burgess – Wigan
  6. Williams – Wigan
  7. Gale – Castleford
  8. Cuthbertson – Leeds
  9. Powell – Wigan
  10. Ikahihifo – Huddersfield
  11. Savellio – Warrington
  12. McMeekan – Castleford
  13. Bird – Catalans

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