Book Recommendation: Wiganosophy

Looking for a good book to read? Look no further than Wiganosophy – the book that brilliantly manages to encompass what being a Wigan fan is and describe the emotion that following Wigan can produce. Written with great humour and insight, this book gives details one fans journey from becoming a Wigan fan to falling into the love/hate with his club and Rugby League.

The book takes on a journey through looking at the traditions of Rugby League versus the modern Super League developments, a look at “off-seasonal affective order” which effects most Rugby League fans and the tradition of the rollercoaster that is, the Challenge Cup. Perhaps the biggest question of all is asked on page one of the book, when the author Matt Macaulay asks – “Is there life in Leigh?”.

The book is described by the author, Matt Macaulay, as:

“Wiganosophy is a social commentary. It blends philosophical discourse with rugby league, and Wigan – and you don’t see a lot of that. Socrates would’ve liked rugby league. He was reputedly an argumentative, awkward and belligerent little man who enjoyed nothing better than poking at authority with a pointy stick. He’d have fitted right in. He would probably even have made a decent hooker. But we’ll never know, because they poisoned him. The philosophers of old have long since gone and, of course, we must posthumously thank them for enlightening us in regard to the true nature of life, the universe and everything. Unfortunately, though, their combined philosophical musings reveal a glaringly obvious omission. They didn’t talk anywhere near enough about rugby league. Or even Wigan. 

Wiganosophy is a long overdue attempt to redress the balance and fill the gap. It is a philosophical exploration of what it means to be a devoted follower of the Wigan Warriors. Over the course of eight chapters it unravels the complexity of fanaticism one layer at a time until the true nature of the Wigan Warriors fan is laid bare. It’s a bit like playing a game of Pass The Parcel with a cherry and white hooped Egyptian mummy. At the end of the game you are left with a lot of mess on the floor and hopefully some worthy answers. Wiganosophy does not shy away from the difficult questions regarding the nature of the town itself, the club’s reputation or even the status of rugby league as a national sport. Wiganosophy is a philosophical discourse and an honest examination of the nature of the sport, the town and the customs.”

This is a special book, written by a Wigan fan for Wigan fans.

Copies are still available at Waterstones in Wigan and available online by clicking here

Keep an eye on our social media pages, as we will be giving a copy of Wiganosophy away very soon.


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