FANS: 5 Minutes with … @phil_lawless

In a series of quick fire questions, we ask Wigan fans for their views and predictions on Wigan and Rugby League …

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Next up is @phil_lawless, a follower from our Twitter Page

Your first Wigan game?

Wigan v Workington , first glimpse of the flying winger Green Vigo

What is your most memorable moment being a Wigan fan?

Wigan V Manley, the atmosphere at Central Park that night was amazing

Who is your favourite all time Wigan player?

Ellery Hanley, never took a backward step, always led from the front

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Who is your favourite Wigan player?

Andy Farrell , similar to Ellery Hanley , a great leader

Name one player that you would love to see play for Wigan – past or present

Sam Tomkins would have been amazing in the early 1980s when Wigan were just getting back to there best with chairman Maurice Lindsey

Which opposition player do you fear the most when they play Wigan?

Danny Houghton, great defence and good rugby brain

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What is your favourite away ground and why?

Headingley Leeds , always a pleasure when we beat Leeds

Your top 8 prediction for this year?

Wigan, Castleford, Warrington, Catalans, Hull FC , St Helens, Leeds, Huddersfield

If you could change one thing about Rugby League, what would it be?

Consistency with refereeing

Who do you think will win the Steve Prescott Man of Steel Award this year?

Sam Powell

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Thanks to @phil_lawless for his answers !

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