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In a series of quick fire questions, we ask Wigan fans for their views and predictions on Wigan and Rugby League …

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Your first Wigan game?

Although I’d been to games prior to this the first game I remember, at least partially, was at Central Park. I’m unsure if we played Huddersfield or Castleford as I attended games against both these sides in that particular year (1998) and I was only 7 years old. I know Wigan won both games. For some reason I remember Darryl Cardiss playing for us at full back. The Cas game of that year I wrote about in a primary school textbook which my Mum has kept after all these years.

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What is your most memorable moment being a Wigan fan?

It is difficult to pinpoint one moment as we are lucky being Wigan fans that we’ve been had so many great moments. I think I could only narrow it down to three. In no particular order and all are games which I attended; 2010 Grand Final – it felt like we were “back”. 2016 Grand Final – winning in those circumstances puts it up there witj one of our finest ever wins. World Club Challenge 2017 – becoming World Champs after a spell of 23 years without winning it. It still feels sweet now.

Who is your favourite all time Wigan player?

Andy Farrell. I was in awe of this man when I was growing up. His excellent goalkicking. His leadership. Everything. He had the full range of skills and was the heartbeat of the Wigan team for several years.

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Who is your favourite Wigan player?

My favourite current player is John Bateman. His tough, uncompromising style is incredible to watch especially when you factor in he’s not the biggest forward out there. He consistently makes yards, never takes a backward step. His desire and will to win is phenomenal. He seems to play well in every single game.

Name one player that you would love to see play for Wigan – past or present

This is a tough one but I’d probably have to say Jonathan Thurston. This man has an aura about him and his play is incredible. Most players go to the line with a pre-determined idea of what they’re going to do. Time and time again JT goes to the line with no idea what he is going to do and takes the movement of the defenders in front of him as the basis for his decision.

Which opposition player do you fear the most when they play Wigan?

I don’t fear teams or players as much as I used to which is sad for Super League I suppose that I feel this way as I believe we have lost many top stars over recent years either to the NRL, Union or retirement. Going back a few years I’ll be honest and say I did fear the Warrington pack circa 2009-2011ish. Morley, M. Monaghan, Carvell with Westwood and Briers controlling things out the back was both scary and annoying. You could probably go back further and look at the Saints team of 2005-2006 with Long etc. and say that team also.

What is your favourite away ground?

Halliwell-Jones. This is because I’ve had so many great times here particularly recently. The atmosphere in the away end is always good and our clashes against Warrington as of late have felt like big games.

Your top 8 prediction for this year?

Wigan will be in the top 4 that I’m confident of. A just for fun prediction of the 8 would be;
1. Wigan
2. Warrington
3. Castleford
4. Hull FC
5. St Helens
6. Catalans Dragons
7. Salford Red Devils
8. Leeds Rhinos

If you could change one thing about Rugby League, what would it be?

Currently my pet hate is play acting/simulation from players and refs awarding penalties in favour of someone really milking it. This needs clamping down on and quickly.

Who do you think will win the Steve Prescott Man of Steel Award this year?

John Bateman or George Williams for Wigan. If I was going for a non-Wigan player I’d say either Greg Bird or Luke Gale.

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Thanks to@MatthewBrown91 for his answers !

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