FANS: 5 Minutes with … Martin Marshall

In a series of quick fire questions, we ask Wigan fans for their views and predictions on Wigan and Rugby League …

Next up is Martin Marshall, a follower from our Twitter Page

Your first Wigan game?

First game I actually went to was Wembley 98 against Sheffield. My family had moved south from Wigan in the mid-80s so I came a bit late to the party. As to the game, I remember urging my mate to have a punt on Matt Crowther for first tryscorer (he got their second) and the growing realisation that we just weren’t going to win that day. Couldn’t begrudge them their win, though.

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What is your most memorable moment being a Wigan fan?

Probably the World Club Challenge against Cronulla. For us to win that, given the current balance of power between Australia and England, was truly remarkable. For me, the victory ranks alongside the Manly one and ahead of Brisbane because of that. More so, the fact that we led for virtually the whole game is a source of immense pride. The 2011 cup final against Leeds would also be up there. Having lost out in 98, then been unable to go to Murrayfield in 2002, to finally see Wigan lift the Challenge Cup – and in such a good match – was really special. The fact that I went with my Dad made it even better.

Who is your favourite all time Wigan player?

Tough to call. I never saw him play in the flesh but, for all round ability I can’t look past Ellery Hanley. The man literally had it all. For players I’ve actually seen play live, Denis Betts was a big favourite. He was just real class and a player whose performance levels never really seemed to drop – I can’t recall him ever having a bad game.

Who is your favourite Wigan player?

John Bateman is my current favourite. His workrate, toughness, skills and determination set him apart from most players and I believe he will finish his career on the same sort of level as Peacock, Sculthorpe, Farrell and so on.

Name one player that you would love to see play for Wigan – past or present

I would have loved to have seen Steve Menzies have a stint with us. Probably the best try-scoring forward to ever play the game and a real class act as well.

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Which opposition player do you fear the most when they play Wigan?

I don’t think there is one at the moment. Over the last few years Kevin Sinfield, Lee Briers, Sean Long, Paul Sculthorpe, Lesley Vainikolo and Danny McGuire would all have fallen into that category but right now I don’t see anyone that puts the wind up me anymore. I could see Kevin Brown becoming that kind of guy if he finds his full potential at Warrington.

What is your favourite away ground?

KC stadium at Hull. It was there that I saw England beat New Zealand for the first time, one of the best results I have ever had!

Your top 8 prediction for this year?

Wigan, Warrington, Hull, Castleford, Salford, Catalans, Leeds, Leigh. Not necessarily in that order!

If you could change one thing about Rugby League, what would it be?

Its media profile.

Who do you think will win the Steve Prescott Man of Steel Award this year?

John Bateman

Thanks to Martin Marshall for his answers !

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