FANS: 5 Minutes with … @angelacoats4

In a series of quick fire questions, we ask Wigan fans for their views and predictions on Wigan and Rugby League …

Next up is @angelacoats4 a follower from our Twitter Page

Your first Wigan game?

I think I was about 10 or 11 which would have been 1986 or 87 at Central Park with my brother and sister, I’m fairly sure it was a Saints game. My sister had her photograph taken with Ellery Hanley and Shaun Edwards, I was well jealous 😍

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What is your most memorable moment being a Wigan fan?

Taking my Scottish 7 yr old step daughter to see Wigan at Central Park in July 1996 the weekend before I married her dad.

Who is your favourite all-time Wigan player?

Far too many to choose from tbh but if I had to whittle it down I would have to say king of the wing, Martin Offiah, he scored TRY’s just for fun 🏉🏃👌

Who is your favourite Wigan player?

I love John Bateman’s style of play, the guy is like a machine but Sam Powell is hot on his heals 💪🏃🏼🔥

Name one player that you would love to see play for Wigan – past or present

Shaun Johnson

What is your favourite away ground and why?

That would have to be my bezzie mates home ground at Castleford 🐯

Which opposition player do you fear the most when they play Wigan?

Ashton Sims because he likes to play dirty 😉👊🏽

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Your top 8 prediction for this year?

Wigan, Cas, Warrington, Hull FC, Saints, Salford, Leeds, Wakey
If you could change one thing about Rugby League, what would it be?

To have the fabulous @JoeMills doing commentary for sky #BestInTheBusiness 😃👌

Who do you think will win the Steve Prescott Man of Steel Award this year?

I would like Sam Powell to win it but I think George Williams is probably going to be in with a good chance if he stays injury free, either would make me happy obviously 😃👍

Thanks to @angelacoats4 for her answer

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