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In a series of quick fire questions, we ask Wigan fans for their views and predictions on Wigan and Rugby League …

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Your first Wigan game?

I’d been going to Central Park in the last couple of years we played there, but was only a young kid, I hardly remember anything of those days. So my first actual memory, wasn’t my first game. My first memory of watching Wigan, was when we beat Bradford 20-19, in the final seconds back in 2000. I just remember Steve Renouf in his skullcap, break down the wing and give the ball inside to Kris Radlinksi, who scored on the hooter. Then came the Andy Farrell kick. I remember, even as a 7-year old, go from being so ecstatic with the try, to a complete an utter bag of nerves with the kick. Of course, Farrell kicked it and the game finished, it was just unbelievable.


What is your most memorable moment being a Wigan fan?


These last four months for sure. I’ve been watching Wigan for a long time now, and I’ve never felt as proud to be a Wigan fan. We proved everyone wrong last season and lifted the Grand Final trophy. Then, a few months later, would do it all again by beating the NRL Premiers, Cronulla Sharks, to win our fourth World Club Challenge. It’s the only trophy I hadn’t seen us lift, it was a great feeling, and a moment that will last a lifetime. 


Who is your favourite all-time Wigan player?

Mick Cassidy. Maybe a surprise to a few, but he was me hero growing up. Just before going on a rugby team trip to the training facilities, to meet a few Wigan players, I dyed my hair blonde, just like Cassidy’s. I would meet him on the day, and it was great, I even got in the local paper for it.

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Who is your favourite Wigan player?

George Williams. The guy is unbelievable. He’s been pretty solid for a while now, but this season, he’s playing some of his best rugby, and is the centrepiece of our team. I just hope those NRL clubs aren’t watching too closely.

Name one player that you would love to see play for Wigan – past or present

Jamie Peacock. I’ve always preferred watching a forward’s game and have admired his. He became one of the best ever forwards in Super League while at Leeds. Even in his last season, at 37-years old, was still making important plays, and was a huge part of their treble winning side.

What is your favourite away ground and why?

A lot of these players are retired or moved on. This season, there isn’t a specific player from any team that worries me. There are teams as a whole, like Castleford, but no specific player from them.   

Which opposition player do you fear the most when they play Wigan?

St Helens. Not because I like the ground, I just love the match. An away day at Saints is always a good one. The atmosphere, the feeling of the game, and of course, when we win, it’s even better.

Your top 8 prediction for this year:

1. Wigan

2. Hull FC

3. Castleford

4. Warrington

5. Leeds

6. St Helens

7. Catalan

8. Salford


If you could change one thing about Rugby League, what would it be?


Golden Point. I love in the NRL how they go to golden point if it’s a draw. You get an extra 10 minutes to try and get a winner, next point wins. There aren’t many draws in our game, granted. However, it would make those tight games a lot more exciting, knowing there could be more time looming. 

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Who do you think will win the Steve Prescott Man of Steel Award this year?


George Williams. For the reasons stated above, he’s a class above at the minute.


Thanks to @realBenReid for his answer

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