We approached Rugby League commentator, Andrew Voss (@AndrewVossy) last week about the prospect of being able to do a quick interview with Wigan Rugby Blog, not really expecting a response. What we got, was a very quick response and an unbelievably brilliant interview.

In the aftermath of the interview, I referred to Vossy as a “Broadcasting Legend” on Twitter, to which he was embarrassed about, but I stand by that comment 100% and I think once you’ve finished reading this interview – you will agree.

Vossy comes across as a gentlemen and someone who loves Rugby League, not just the NRL competition, as can often be the case – but he loves the whole of Rugby League – the history, the international game, the Super League, the lower divisions – probably more than his love of league however is his love of food!

I assume most people in the UK that follow Rugby League will be familiar with Andrew Voss and his work, from commentating on the World Cup, to his regular coverage on the NRL via Premier Sports – or even if you’re a player of Rugby League Live – Vossy is the guy with the great one liners.

You can familiarise yourself with some of Vossy’s best bits from the 2013 World Cup here:

The Interview:

What’s your favourite ground to commentate at?

In Australia I have always loved calling at one of the oldest suburban grounds, Leichhardt Oval. This is one of the home grounds of the Wests Tigers. It’s the ground I went to most as a kid so there is a sentimental motive there.

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In the UK, I have been very fortunate to call two World Cup finals now at Old Trafford. That was something special.

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When you visit the UK on commentary duty, what do you most look forward to?

Haha…it would be so easy to just say the food, particularly a curry or three at Akbars in Leeds!

But I am a lover of rugby league history so I value and get excited at the thought of covering any game anywhere there. I would love to do some Super league matches one day or at the very least, the world club series.

What did you make of the Warrington/Brisbane and Wigan/Cronulla results?

Enjoy any win you get over Australia or an Australian club side I say. Why wouldn’t you celebrate? I fancied the chances of both British clubs going in, although the Wolves have struggled since.

To be honest I don’t think it’s a start of a ‘dynasty’ for the UK clubs, but it may have just revived the concept.

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Is there a current UK Super League player that you’ve seen that you think would make it in the NRL?

I would love to see Daryl Clark give it a crack. I can’t think of any reason why he couldn’t match the success of Josh Hodgson at Canberra. Hodgson has been wonderful over the last two seasons and has earned the respect of league fans in the NRL.

Your tip to win Super League this year?

I have already gone on record as saying that I believe Wigan will win the title again. So I’m not just trying to win over the readers here!!!

Who are you tipping to make the NRL Grand Final this year?

Again, in my job I have to lock in tips before the season starts. I am comfortable after the first few rounds to stick with my forecast of a North Queensland Cowboys v Melbourne Storm Grand Final. However, as we are already seeing, injuries are going to have a huge bearing on the season results.

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How do you rate England’s chances in the World Cup at the end of the year?

I have to be brutally honest here and say that based on what I saw at the Four Nations, they are no hope of beating Australia. I was terribly disappointed with both the England and New Zealand teams at the end of last season and they have a lot of ground to make up. My expectations were for a far closer series.
If I was down to my last $10 it would be on the Kangaroos at this stage.

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Ever fancied doing a commentating stint over here for a few years?

Sure. And I mean that sincerely. I love so much about the UK… even the weather. And I follow the Super League closely. Of course, you’d have to pay me in food, and that might price me out of the market!!!

Again, thank you to Andrew Voss for taking the time to speak to Wigan Rugby Blog. You can catch him on Premier Sports in the UK covering NRL games and keep up to date with his views and opinions on twitter @AndrewVossy

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