Super League Clubs to Meet Today

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The owners of all 12 Super League clubs are set to meet in Media City today to discuss a number of issues regarding the future of the sport in England – which will be overseen by new Super League executive director and Chief Commercial Office, Roger Draper.

The areas for discussion appear to be:

  • Salary Cap
  • Central contracts for England RL players
  • The future of the 8/8/8 league structure

The salary cap is a discussion point that seems to be on the agenda every year and is dismissed or an increase is unsuccessful when it comes to the vote. This will be an interesting year, particular with central contracts on the agenda for the first time and with the NRL looking to increase their salary cap to in excess of £5m per year and premiership Rugby Union in excess of £7m per year – whilst Super League is stuck at £1.85m per year.

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