OPINION: Time for a dose of reality and to keep the faith

The Wakefield game wasn’t great, blowing a 20-point lead is unacceptable however some of the reaction is very reminiscent of the post-Widnes Super 8 clash last year. The defeat last season was probably the lowest point of the season for many fans. At that point, all hope was lost and the season looked to fizzling out unless Wigan could somehow win their next game, which was against … Hull FC.


There are many comparisons to be drawn with that period of the season last and the stage that Wigan are currently going through. As it stands, the form guide from the last five games puts Wigan at the bottom of the Super League table with one point for ten available. Lots of fans seem to be writing a top four finish off, let’s have a dose of reality – we are four points off fourth, with 28 more points to play for before the semi-finals.


If there is one lesson to be learnt from last year it is to not lose the faith and write Wigan off at your peril. It’s easy to get disenchanted at the moment and there is only so many times injuries can be used as an excuse until it simply becomes a predefined excuse. We are at that stage now and with 11 first teamers back in the side against Wakefield, that I am now declaring the injury crisis over (it isn’t but we need to stop considering the injuries), we have a squad of forty players with James Worthington taking the number 41 jersey on Monday. Forty players who are all very talented and well coached, they need us, as fans to support them. It’s not easy when you see so many missed tackles and mistakes as there were on Monday however that’s part and parcel of being a sports fan. Stick with your team during the rough parts and you will be rewarded in the long run – Shaun Wane proved that last season, starting with Tautai’s winning try at Hull FC and I believe that it will start again this season the KC Stadium on Saturday. Keep The Faith and let’s be realistic and see where we are in September, not at the end of May, beginning of June.

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