OPINION: Make or Break Month for Wigan

Momentum is key in sport and at the moment Wigan don’t have that, they are struggling for confidence and form. However, a change in momentum could change their season into a great one, baring in mind we have already won the World Club Challenge. I believe, despite the current form, this is Wigan’s best opportunity to win back to back Super League’s – bear with me …  
I think Wigan’s next four games will shape their season. A local derby against Leigh, at the LSV – a ground that hasn’t been too kind to Wigan, Warrington in the Challenge Cup, Huddersfield away in Super League and then Widnes at home. Four wins, would see Wigan into the Semi Final of the Challenge Cup, but back up to challenging for the a place in the top four of Super League. These games are crucial as the opportunity is there for Wigan to make up lost ground due to teams above them playing each other. For example Wakefield play Leeds, Castleford play Leeds and Hull, Hull also play Wakefield and Salford. Points will be dropped and Wigan must ensure they take full advantage of this next month – waste this opportunity and the gap may be too big to recover.

The unusual nature of the season creates a great opportunity for Wigan to actually win the Super League back to back for the first time. That may seem a million miles away at the moment and may seem like wishful thinking. However, if Wigan finish in the top four, the chances are, two of the other teams in the top four will never have played in an elimination play off semi final before, say Castleford and Salford. At the start of the season, would you have accepted a WCC win and the opportunity to get to another Grand Final by playing a semi final away at Salford? That’s the opportunity that Wigan could create for themselves. Wigan’s experience at that time of the year could pay dividends but getting that opportunity, is the first challenge. Returning players over the next month should create confidence amongst the current players and fans alike, now is the time to really get behind the team as more silverware is not a million miles away.

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