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Last week we opened voting for Wigan fans to vote for their Super League Dream Team of 2017. Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of Wigan-swayed opinion been applied and I think we may see a very different Official Dream Team from the Super League.

Super League Dream Team as voted by readers of the Wigan Rugby Blog

1. Zak Hardaker (S. Tomkins in second and Escare in third)

2. Greg Eden

3. Oliver Gildart

4. Michael Shenton

5. Mane Fonua 

6. George Williams

7. Luke Gale

8. Scott Taylor

9. Matt Parcell

10. Tony Clubb

11. Mike McMeeken

12. John Bateman

13. Sean O’Loughlin
Notable absentees that were very close in the voting include, Ben Murdoch-Masilla, Danny Houghton and Grant Millington.

Let’s see how many make of the above make the official side.

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