Wigan Fan TV and Oddballs Foundation

Wigan Fan TV are delighted to announce a partnership with The Oddballs Foundation; which will see Oddballs feature as advertisers and supporters on Wigan Fan TV. Wigan Fan TV hit 100,000 viewers across Facebook and YouTube with the first 10 days of its inception and it is hoped that this partnership will help to promote awareness of Testicular Cancer to the viewers of Wigan Fan TV.


The aim of the partnership is to promote the great work that Oddballs are doing both through their brand and their foundation.


“The OddBalls Foundation was set up in 2016 to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. Through the Foundation we hope to make a difference to male health around the world.

Testicular Cancer is around 95% curable so early diagnosis and regular checking is important.  Our aim is to fit as many ‘check yourself ‘ guides into male toilets and changing rooms across the country. This will encourage males to check themselves regularly and in doing so detect any problems early.

We are proud to promote that 100% of all money donated to the Foundation is used to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. We are generously supported by our volunteers and run with no overheads or costs.”


As well as featuring the Oddballs Foundation logo on broadcasts on Wigan Fan TV, we will have some great offers for viewers throughout the year and one or two freebies to give away.


You can find full details on Oddballs and the Oddballs Foundation at www.oddballsfoundation.com

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