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Would you be happy to see Zak Hardaker in a Wigan shirt?
I would love to see Zak Hardaker given an opportunity by Wigan, he is a quality player that has notably had his troubles of the pitch but a quality player nonetheless. An area in which Wigan are weak in at the moment is the centre spot and although Hardaker would probably prefer to be a fullback, he has test caps for England in the centre position and what a great addition he would be to the backline. Wigan have a great culture at the club and if Hardaker buys into that, he could finally knuckle down and be recognised for everything he is capable of doing on the pitch.
Was travel to blame for the 16-10 loss at Warrington?
Before the defeat to Warrington, Wigan were keen to play down the effect of travelling and jet lag but its clear to see that it had a big impact on Wigan. Not only Wigan, Hull and Leeds also losing at the weekend suggests that the jet lag effect wasn’t simply a theory, it was fact. For Wigan, it was a case of getting through the game and seeing what happens, to only lose by 6 points probably points to Wigan’s resolved and / or Warrington’s attack but, we move on.
What are you hopes and expectations of the game against Widnes?
Potential arctic like weather aside, Wigan need a good performance as well as a result on Friday. They need to put together the best bits that we saw at Salford and the good attack minus the mistakes, that we saw against Hull. Its a big game for Wigan, first game back at the DW since the lacklustre display against Castleford last year, its a real opportunity to win some hearts and minds of the Wigan public and I fully expect them to do exactly that.
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