Thank You, Shaun Wane

The rumours and murmurings that emerged over the past few weeks of Shaun Wane potentially leaving the club were I thought, just that. I felt that people had put the Michael McIlorum / Sam Tomkins to Catalans connection together and arrived at the suggestion that Shaun Wane will be following them to the South of France.


At the time of writing, Shaun Wane’s future job is unknown and is only being speculated upon, however, he is leaving Wigan at the end of the 2018 season.

The night of his announced resignation, we took to Wigan Fan TV to reflect on his decision, his legacy that he leaves behind and what the future holds for Shaun Wane and Wigan and which direction the may both go off in.

An article I wrote last year and revamped earlier this year is perhaps the most poignant one to re-share at this time and it is one that Shaun Wane refers to in his resignation statement when quoting his debuts to 37 academy graduates.

You can read that article here

The 37 debuts is an incredible figure but it’s almost a false figure also. If you think back to the role Wane has had in the club before he became Michael Maguire’s assistant, Wane is responsible for the development of many players in which he didn’t grant the debuts to, think the Tomkins brothers, George Williams and Liam Farrell and that 37 figure is much, much higher in reality.

Trying to sum his legacy up took a 45-minute show and we still didn’t even get close to doing him justice. For me personally, his legacy will be silverware, culture and youth. He is Wigan’s most successful coach in the Super League Era and has the highest win ratio of any Super League Head Coach that has been in charge for over 200 games. He has brought a winning culture to the club from the youngsters that he helped to develop, right through to the first team – a culture that he has preserved and continued since Maguire left the club at the end of the 2011 season.

Super League manager stats-2.jpg

He is also largely responsible for two of the four stars that are now emblazoned about the Wigan crest – a legacy that cannot and will not be forgotten.

Now, lets sign off with a treble!


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