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What is your take on Shaun Wane’s decision to step down?

Ultimately, I am disappointed to see Shaun Wane leave but, I am glad that he has decided to go on his own terms. When the dust settles, it could be the best decision all around with the numerous changes in playing staff for 2019 is perhaps the best opportunity for a new manager to implement their ethos on the team.

Who would you like to see take over?

I would really love to see Shaun Edwards return to Wigan as the new head coach with perhaps two experienced assistant managers. I am not concerned about his absence from the game, in fact I see that as a great opportunity – an opportunity to get some fresh ideas into the side. I would also be really excited about seeing George Williams work under Edwards.

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Which of last week’s news pleased you the most – Zak Hardaker’s signing, or Oliver Gildart’s re-signing?

I am very pleased to see Oliver Gildart re-sign for Wigan, I think it would have been too early for him to try the NRL and I couldn’t imagine him in the Red Vee! But, I think the signing of Zak Hardaker is shrewd business by Wigan! To replace Sam Tomkins with such a great talent is excellent news. I understand the concerns attributed to his signing but I do think that Wigan will see the best of Zak Hardaker.

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