Last month I noticed a message from a Danish gentleman named Morten Dam, who was looking for some advice regarding attending the Wigan v Salford game at the DW Stadium directly from Manchester Airport. Curiously, I spoke to Morten and learned that he not only has a great knowledge of rugby league but he is a very passionate Wigan fan and a Rugby League International!


How did you get into rugby league?

Since childhood I’ve had a huge interest in all different kinds of sports and I’ve found rugby league especially fascinating for it’s history and the very physical requirements of the game. My interest in the sport got really sparked when I was on a holiday in Lanzarote in Spain where the Warrington Wolves held a training camp at the same time I was there. I got to see the team practise and talked to some of the players. Since then I’ve followed the sport.

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How did you get started playing rugby league and playing for Denmark?

Rugby, in general, is a tiny sport in Denmark mostly played by expats. When I started playing rugby here there weren’t any Rugby League clubs in Denmark, only Rugby Union. In 2011 I got together with other players keen on starting to play Rugby League in Denmark and we formed a national board and two clubs as a start. We took on the Nordic Cup which is a tournament for the Scandinavian National teams (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) and we won it. Since then Denmark has won the Nordic Cup two times. We have also had a pan-Scandinavian league against other teams.


 Why Wigan?

This is the club to follow! As an ‘outsider’ with no family bonds to any club or geographical connecting then Wigan is the team to support in my opinion. Great style of playing and a magnificent history. And once Wigan has touched you …

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What was your experience like at Wigan against Salford

I really got moved by the atmosphere – it felt like a family. People at the stands knew each other and were very friendly to us. We sat very close to the pitch and talked to some of the players – it was amazing. I think the fans a great and very passionate about the club. I could really feel how much this club means to a lot of people. It was very different from football where you can hear fans at the stands rubbish the players and the manager.


To point one thing out I really liked the set-up with the young academy players that signed their contracts on the pitch a received a massive applause by the fans. That was a great gesture and I look forward to following these guys in the future.

Who is your favourite player?

I want to say the whole team because the sport is such team performance where every link counts. If I have to pick one player it has got to be Sam Tomkins – to me he is the complete athlete. He has got amazing skills of passing, kicking, tackling as well as being a tactical genius and a leader on the pitch. Besides that I get the picture that he is an amazing guy off the pitch and promotes the sport very well, that makes a great athlete.


So, who is up for a Wigan game in Copenhagen then?!

Thank you to Morten for his time and keep an eye out for him at the DW Stadium in the future!

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