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The EGM takes place tomorrow to vote on whether to retain or scrap the Super-8s – what do you hope happens?

I am not too confident or too sure what the EGM will bring about, it seems to me that the Ian Lenagan led “revolution” (as some of our friends in Yorkshire would have us believe) looks to have a set and clear plan.  I hope that whatever that plan is, it is granted the opportunity to start. It is very important to the future of the game that progress is made, and I would rather see someone like Lenagan leading us into that future rather than Gary Hetherington. Much like the commentary on Brexit would have us believe, no deal is a bad deal and that could be the same for Super League, or SL-exit?

It appears Wigan are trying to recruit a halfback (Lam, Hastings) for next year. Is that the position they most need to strengthen?

Wigan’s lack of size in the pack was always an area I felt they would need to strengthen, and it looks like they have done that now heading into 2019, with Bullock, Kibula and Greenwood aiming to all be key components in 2019 – that is one heck of a big pack. So next on that list has to be the halfbacks, the fact that Leuluai, after a really good season at hooker has now moved back to the halfback role speaks volumes about Sam Powell’s lack of confidence as a half and his subsequent improvement since moving to the hooker role. Jackson Hastings and George Williams, now that is a pairing to whet the appetite.

Wigan-Warrington. What do you hope for, anything you’re worried about?

The Warrington squad seems depleted and that leads to a feeling that they may now be settling for fourth place in order to rest certain key figures to ensure they have a better shot in a likely semi-final against St Helens. Warrington missing key players does give them a free hit on Friday which could be dangerous, nothing to lose but all to gain – Wigan need to be wary. Wigan need to build on this winning run and hopefully, we will see the return of Dom Manfredi, eventually!

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